Wealth. What is it and where does it come from? How does one go about obtaining what appears to be the necessary attribute to navigate the murky and challenging waters we find ourselves up against. I talked with a homeless man here in town recently, the exchange was brief but very pleasant. One bright and beautiful afternoon when the town celebrated its’ annual Butter & Eggs Day parade my wife and I watched this homeless man shuffle his feet as if he was auditioning for a dance competition in front of the three-piece band providing us all some great music this particular afternoon. When he left I noticed he had left behind his hooded sweatshirt. When I saw him leave this behind I knew it was completely by mistake, and also knowing he would certainly need it to stay warm during the evening it only made sense for me to walk over, pick it up and track him down. After getting his attention with his hoodie over my head he realized his mistake. His thank you was not entirely necessary but hearing his words “I’m going to need this”I knew this was the right thing to do. This old and battered hoodie was his wealth. Doing the right thing was my wealth. Neither of which has a monetary value we can place on it but the two of us were wealthy that day and all it took was doing the right thing. I have never been truly close to becoming homeless, but this was another human being and I can safely say I’d have done the same thing for anyone else, regardless of their situation.

You’ve been reading this blog for a while now and recently you’ve read where Bonnie and I became extremely fortunate in our jobs. Being saved from layoffs, picking up a new position with our current company has allowed me an opportunity to reflect on how wealthy our entire family truly is.

Yesterday at our Oncologist appointment we learned our special lady will not have to undergo the necessities of chemotherapy. As my bride had a hold of my hand we both sat there acknowledging the straight talk from Dr. Anderson who simply stated “Bonnie, based on the results of your Oncotype DX test there’s really no need for you to endure four sessions of chemo.” After Bonnie released my now extremely sweaty grip we sat back and took it all in … I don’t know what was going through Bonnie’s mind at the time but I was already typing a broadcast text to all of you in my head.

After scheduling our next appointment with him – IN SIX MONTHS!!– we walked out into the beautiful Sonoma County sunshine with a tremendous piece of mind, and after a kiss in the car we simply relaxed. I think we sat there for ten minutes without saying a word, without even turning the car on. Bonnie then said “I feel like screaming with joy” and I know inside she really was.

There’s my definition of wealth. I don’t think it has a thing to do with your W-2 earnings statements. Think about it. Is there a block on the W-2 labeled “WEALTH”? Rhetorical I know … something to think about.

Thank you everyone for responding to my broadcast text and please accept my deepest level of gratitude for keeping her in your thoughts, your prayers and the positive zen you’ve sent.

Wealthy indeed.