So the Glee kids are preparing for prom and even though I put together dinner tonight I thought it only fair to give the girls the night off and allow them the couch to watch their show while I knock down the dishes and clear the kitchen giving no indication whatsoever there was ever a dinner served. The Lu-dog rests comfortably at the foot of them all licking her paws clean while the medicine she was surreptitiously served with dinner starts to clear out her system.

Wait … what? Medicine for the Lu-dog?

Yes it’s true. LuLu visited her first veterinarian since we adopted her. The past couple of days we’ve noticed her eyes extremely bloodshot and she was having difficulty opening and closing them. Bonnie and Logan took care of the hard work getting her down the street to the vet this morning before their days began and I picked her up this afternoon after settling the tab. Let’s hope the meds work so her eyes can be those bright and shining stars we’ve grown to love – we’re confident things will work out. We also learned she’s dropped six pounds and she’s nearing her target weight of 70ish.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve found myself in front of the keyboard yammering on our bully and as many of you know there’s been PLENTY of good reasons for the delay and after one medical experience is readying for completion in comes the Lu-dog for a share of her own. We can’t carry on her on our insurance 🙁 as I don’t know a policy for a sedentary sleeper – should any of you know of one – feel free to chime in. Since I’ve started this piece she’s moved from her spot at the end of the couch to her monogrammed bed where it looks like she’s in for the night.

A long day for LuLu. Anytime she leaves the house for a spa treatment she comes home and simply crashes and today after a full day at the vet’s place her post home reaction was no different. She’s such a sleeper and we’ve once again got our fingers crossed – this time for the four legged member of the brood. We’re all sure it’s a temporary reaction to becoming an older bully. She watched the Red Sox and Blue Jays battle this afternoon for ten innings in another loss for the 2nd place favorites and she watched the Detroit Red Wings battle back in victory of the Sharks of San Jose. The Wings tied that series up at 3 apiece, so her afternoon was full of love and sports coupled with having our oldest home from school at the same time.

LuLu, as always, is in good hands – it was just strange picking her up this afternoon after a full day at the vet. She’s such a trooper.

Sorry for the long delay in posting anything about our bully. Hope all is well in your world.