I met this guy named Dan some thirty-two years ago here in Petaluma. I remembered him for his great moustache, laissez-faire attitude and his extraordinary bartending skills. Our paths crossed again two years ago when I returned to the west coast which gave me the opportunity to meet his wife of some forty years; two fantastic natives of Montana. When Danny and his wife Rainee left for Big Sky country this past May they stopped by the house to bid their farewells with a gift for the Lu-dog, a pair of bottles of “medicine” for Bonnie and big four litre box of “medicine” for me. Dan swears by this boxed wine which is completely out of the norm here in wine country, however, Bonnie and I have never followed the path worn down by others so today, the day she’s returned home after her final surgery we opened the box of “medicine” and just a few moments ago we used it as a base for a homemade tomato sauce using sixty of my homegrown roma tomatoes, freshly cut basil and oregano.

The house smells wonderful right now and in less than an hour or so the sauce will begin to show itself and the timing will be perfect as the Sox take the field against the Orioles as they battle to regain the lead in the wild card race. One can only hope.

The homemade sauce, helped out a by a friendship started three decades ago and the return of my bride who has not only conquered breast cancer but has also spent the night under the care of the staff at Marin General after her reconstruction surgery yesterday.

Today is a good day and it’s nice to be able to share this story with all of you as I know our friends in Montana will soon be reading this.

It is the little things that make the world go around and while LuLu lies next to me taking in the early afternoon sun on her face, asleep of course, we sit here together, while Bonnie rests and before the end of the day school bell rings for our youngest. We’re all home today – we’re all in good spirits and while the roma tomatoes begin to pop in the sauce pan the fragrances of the herbs we’ve been growing this past summer continues to scent the kitchen and living room.

An hour or so from now we’ll have the Sox on with a delicious homemade meal. Thank you all for your responses to the texts yesterday during and after surgery and your positive energy was well received.

The visiting clubhouse in Camden Yards could certainly use a dose of the same kinetic force.