Autumn. Truly the best time of the year here along the Pacific. Temperatures are nearly perfect during the day while the comforter is needed when bedtime comes. Windows open and full house of women (including the bulldog) and the football game is on with a World Series game on for later in the afternoon. Another great feature of living on the west coast rests with the opportunity to watch all sports without a worry of the shuteye hours.

We celebrated our one year anniversary with our adopted English bulldog, LuLu this week and Taylor, our oldest, is home for a brief break in her schooling out east with a scheduled return to the east coast tomorrow.

A week’s worth of laundry out of the way and baked chicken, sweet potatoes and arugula salad on the menu for this evening.

For those of you curious as to how Bonnie has been – many of you may have received a text from me late Friday night, well late for those of you on the east coast regarding her status as it has been a while since I’ve used the broadcast text function to let you know of her developments. Here’s something I learned about that text: Tequila and Texting are a lousy combination! I enjoyed some premium tequila with our oldest on Friday evening at dinner, of course it being Friday, and the end of another long work week you are safe to assume a number of other cocktails preceded the agave spirits, so when I fired off that text I was none too capable of responding to the numerous responses I received. Even though tequila and texting is not recommended it’s safe to say we are feeling pretty darn good about Bonnie’s recovery from breast cancer. While talking with one of Bonnie’s supporters earlier last week I used the phrase “I think we kicked it” and he reminded me to replace the word “kicked” with “survived” and that’s exactly what she’s done and I’m so (insert expletive) proud of her with the way she’s handled the entire ordeal; hence the tequila while enjoying the visit from our junior in college.

The pumpkin has been carved (?) – I did something a little unique with the pumpkin this year with a power drill. When the sun sets this evening we’ll see just how well this whole plan of mine turned out. In a house full of women it has to be perfect, or suffer the circumstances (tongue in cheek).

I’ve thanked you all in a number of blogs for all of your support and today is no different. No promises on future texts while enjoying the juices of Mexico, but celebrating the survivor I am proud to call my bride is guaranteed.



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