It makes sense the girls have gone to bed and I find myself here on the computer, listening to music, listening to the words and recollecting the great memories from the songs themselves. Today was Veteran’s Day, and it rained on the parade – truly. No worries. This is a time in our lives where we are very used to dealing with the extraordinary. A little rain was not going to stop the 20,000 plus visitors here in Petaluma enjoying the annual parade, or the hundreds, possibly thousands of concerned patriots occupying San Francisco, Oakland and this little town we call home.

We are living in a time of uncertainty.

A man was fatally shot during the Occupy Oakland yesterday and though this may not be the first related death to the towns demonstrating in the Occupy movements, it is certainly one that is receiving a lot of attention here. So the deal now is – the police, the mayor and those of authority are providing eviction notices to those living in their respective Occupy tents in Oakland, and giving them notice that their time has come. This blog is to neither an advocate to the movement or downplay the required actions of the authorities, but I can tell you this … I had always wished I was born some five to ten years earlier and had an active role in all things that were the sixties.

Here I am on Veteran’s Day, a veteran myself, watching the unrest in Oakland and knowing this is going to be one large powder keg. because they, the occupants, are just not leaving and hell –why should they? They are on public property and have something to say.

Oddly enough the music I’ve listened to most of my life includes the words of Mr. Mick Jagger who proclaims in his song “Can’t Always Get What You Want” … “And I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse, singing, we’re gonna vent our frustration, if we don’t we’re gonna glow a 50-amp fuse … sing it to me now.” Mick and the Rolling Stones actually led to the end of the Summer of Love with an outburst which took place at a FREE concert held at Altamont Speedway in December, 1969. Though popular belief would have us believe the Stones hired the Hells Angels as a security force, this on the recommendation of the Grateful Dead for a few hundred dollars’ worth of beer, a story that has been denied by parties directly related to the Stone’s road manager Sam Cutler time and again. Regardless – a man died that night. There was nearly 300,000 in attendance – and I’ve seen the numerous video documentaries. An ugly event for sure, and it was this event that marked the end of the Summer of Love.

I am unsure what will end the Occupy movements here on the Bay but I can tell you they, the Occupants, are not going to move at free will – nor should they.

Here’s the question. When the authorities finally get enough muscle to move the occupants in Oakland and San Francisco – where are they going to wind up? They will still have questions which require answers.

I may not have been an active participant during the “Summer of Love” and although capable, I am also not an active participant of the current Occupy movement. The music of the day feeds me tonight as my girls lie asleep in their own dreams while I consume a dangerously delicious bottle of pale ale.

“What’s confusing you is the nature of my game. Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints, as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer, ‘cause I’m in need of some restraint, so if you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy … and some taste.”

Best of luck to all of you on the Bay. I suspect some tough times ahead.






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