While standing at the end of the driveway last night watching the winds strips the trees of every possible leaf I thought back to a time in our lives when we first moved in with each other. We had just moved into our first apartment in the tiny village of Woods Hole. Believe me when I tell you – the place we rented was as old as the ocean itself. Sadly, the landlord, who lived around the corner, used the first floor of this house as a storage area. It would have made a wonderful screened-in patio, though this was not up for discussion. One item he stored there was a gas grill. While preparing dinner using my current grill last I thought back to the day I used the landlords grill from inside the porch which created quite a stir when he arrived at the house thinking his place was on fire.

I laughed to myself last night while preparing the evening meal, talking with the locals out walking their dogs and commenting on the smells coming from the end of the driveway.

We here in the Cheney house had plenty to celebrate last night and this had nothing to do with the Bruins toppling the Maple Leafs in a decisive victory, it did however have everything to do with Bonnie’s visit with her Oncologist earlier in the afternoon. After taking his first look at our special lady he stated he’d have never guessed she had ever experienced breast cancer. The doctor stated she’s in fantastic health and very happy to see how well things have gone along for her. Bonnie questioned the doctor about her ovaries which he quickly dismissed because Bonnie does not carry the BRAC gene! That side dish of great news was just what she needed to hear. If Bonnie does want her ovaries removed, including all the estrogen produced, he stated she can visit him once a month for a hormone shot which is something to consider.

So the dinner table on this last night of November included grilled NY strips, mashed potatoes, broccoli, a glass of wine, a series of hot flashes and a smile.