So it’s now Tuesday morning, two days after the Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis, and two days after the Cheney house was once again full of friends watching the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  Since the final score of this matchup was not exactly what we were looking for the bottle of champagne, courtesy of Mary, continues to sit in the fridge and yesterday was one of those really long days, still somewhat stunned from the results and as I walked up the stairs yesterday wondering how I could turn this into a post for this blog my New Year’s resolution snuck into the recesses of whatever part of the brain is used for writing.  Yes, the resolution to “recognize the right” in everything was immediately apparent as I remembered the sights and sounds of our living room from early on in the afternoon when our first guests began to arrive, to the wonderful smells coming from the hard work and effort of my bride and of course the laughter.  Naturally, after such a monumental loss there would certainly seem to be reason for tears, but I have to tell you, the guests all enjoyed themselves, certainly the lone NY Giant fan who proudly wore his colors in my house, a very brave idea, but one you have to respect.  Several times during the game his hat wound up in the strangest of places.  So the Patriots failed to walk off the field with the Lombardi Trophy … you know what? We had our first Super Bowl party here in northern California, Bonnie’s coworkers were present, as were friends from the local wine bar and my good friend Andy who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since 1981 where we met in Milwaukee, WI was present and accounted for.  How can that be a bad day?  Regardless whether or not the Patriots return to the big stage, it’s evident we can still host one helluva an afternoon Super Bowl Party (love watching sports out here on the west coast) and we’re thankful for a great number of things, Bonnie’s health right there at the top.  Soon pitchers and catchers will be reporting to spring training and we can begin another season of Red Sox baseball. Thank you all for coming.



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