It’s Friday morning here in California.  A marine layer of fog has covered the morning sunshine.  The windows are open and the breeze coming into the office is most welcome.  The Rolling Stones are on the IPOD with an explanation on “scraping that shit right off your shoes …” There’s no telling what Mick was trying to tell us with that verse though we’ve all been there once or twice.  Fortunately there’s nothing to scrape off my shoes this morning, nor has there been any crappy issues related to breast cancer in these past recent weeks which we’re all thankful for.  The horizon is wide open for possibilities regardless how you view the recent news on the passing of the Affordable Care Act.  A look at today’s headlines makes me wonder a great number of things; political chess moves; Summer Olympics already billions over budget; a member of Congress charged with contempt; Colorado’s devastating wildfires; a possible smear campaign in the National Football League [Bountygate] and thoughts on when U.S. troops will be called upon to stop the terrorism in Syria. ¶ That’s only a snapshot of today’s headlines which will undoubtedly change by the time lunch rolls around. Bonnie and I do our best to have the evening news on in the house where opinions are fired back and forth regarding those who pepper our systems with cheating, lies, untruths, etc., and wonder why we bust our humps day in and day out without leaning to the edge to try our shot at cashing in when it seems so easy for so many others.  I offered one simple response as this question was raised last night … “Look at the young lady standing right here” [pointing to our youngest daughter] … enough said. ¶  We’ve done it right with raising our two girls; knowing we’ve set their moral compass correctly these pass twenty-one and seventeen years respectively, what more can we ask for? ¶ A year ago or so I posted a piece entitled “The Kitchen Table” where the following is extracted from: Listen, when people eat together they talk, as we do and it was at this very kitchen table where I found myself between the keyboard and breast cancer. Today is no different. Last night’s meal of grilled steaks, sweet potatoes and salad was the centerpiece of learning about Logan’s day at school, our days at work and what our tomorrow(s) will be, and now that it’s Friday perhaps we’ll sit around that table tonight with a bottle of wine and plan our weekend. ¶ Listen, I live in a house full of women and would not trade places with anyone. How many of us can say they sit a table full of beautiful women day in and night out? As luck would have it, there’s one such lucky gentlemen right here along the Petaluma River that prides himself in such an account.”Oddly enough it will be Friday evening soon enough and while the Rolling Stones fill my head during the day I’d like all of you to know this is my 200th post!  Truly a milestone in itself! One that has shaped our lives in ways we never thought possible.  The horizon is wide open – bring on the weekend and for crying out loud – scrape that shit off your shoes before you knock on our door! ¶ Thank you all for reading this piece of therapy that has helped us all get as far as we have.



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