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The Little Things

As many of you know, our oldest daughter is studying abroad at the University of Leeds, approximately two hours north of London.  She lives with three other “flatmates” and her weekends are always jam packed with activities.  This past weekend she explored the waterfront capital city of Wales (Cardiff [The Fort of Didius]) and after [...]

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Small and Beautiful World

So the joggers in the afternoon remind me each afternoon that it’s that time of year again where the winter pounds are being shed for the spring and summer months.  I always internally ask each of them to run an extra mile for me.  Running was never my forte.  Running a bar tab is probably [...]

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Someone Like You

With exactly one hundred and fifty-five posts on this blog I suspect you’ve learned by now that the term “mainstream” is not exactly where I hang my hat.  Mainstream is where the majority exists, one in which I recognized at an early age to stay away from.  The Grammy Awards last night is a clear [...]

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The Dude Abides

While I look around from my vantage point this evening I notice not much has changed since walking downstairs after a restful night’s sleep. The sun appears to be about where it was some twelve hours ago and although the television is on in the background and the “ladies of luxury” have since descended as [...]

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The Kitchen Table

I watched my wife grab the laptop last night and take it to her part of the couch in an effort to process our oldest daughter’s federal and state tax returns.  Yes, we all understand it’s that time of year again.  Remember the days when we all filed the 1040EZ form? A one page instrument [...]

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Finding Resolve

So it’s now Tuesday morning, two days after the Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis, and two days after the Cheney house was once again full of friends watching the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  Since the final score of this matchup was not exactly what we were looking for the bottle of [...]

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Divine Intervention

It’s early morning here. The Lu-dog has had her morning meal and is already fast asleep dreaming of the English countryside she once knew. The girls continue their slumber and our oldest who chimed in a few moments ago from across the pond also received a welcome night’s sleep after actually touring the English countryside. [...]

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It’s A Good Day!

As a young man I listened to the callings of “the road”. I really had no idea what to do with my life as my session of public school finally ended. My love for the ocean was something I knew must continue and it was that direction I headed. To see the world from the [...]

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Time Marches On …

So now our oldest child resides in the United Kingdom! I can attest for how fast the past year has flown by with Bonnie’s breast cancer, but I cannot as easily tell you where the last twenty-one years have gone. I remember key moments in my little girls life and collectively it has been nothing [...]

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A Houseful of Guests

There’s a houseful of guests expected today. This will be our very first house party since signing with the title company about eighteen months ago. We’ve asked for this get together because of our love of sports, particularly the New England Patriots and their AFC Divisional matchup with the high profile Denver Broncos. Should be [...]

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