Celebrating Life

It’s not that life’s not particularly exciting, it’s just tiring and can be exhausting from the runarounds, the excuses, the thirty minutes provided by the evening news, the elected officials we no longer have trust in, etc., etc.  All of which would be perfect fodder for a topic to blog about.  I don’t have to [...]

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Welcome Back PINT NIGHT!

According to Wikipedia, the “pint” is a unit of volume or capacity that was once used across much of Europe with values varying from state to state from less than half a litre to over one litre.  Within continental Europe, the pint was replaced with the metric system during the nineteenth century.  However, in the [...]

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Petty is NOT Pretty

Taking the high road.  The oddest thing happened the other day at lunch.  I was in line with my friends when I overheard the couple directly in front of me having a discussion about breast cancer.  There are few things I can wax poetically on and breast cancer oddly enough just happens to be one [...]

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A 300-Mile Post Card

The sun is starting to show some promise here along the river. Some much needed sun I might add and as the ladies continue their slumber I think back on a weekend that started this past Wednesday.  A truly glorious way to start the weekend by walking out of the office midweek and kissing it [...]

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Not in The Doghouse

Bonnie and I love to wander.  The gypsy blood in us causes us to uproot every now and again from we’ve hung our hats comfortably for a period of time to go out and find a new horizon.  These days we’ve reserved our “wandering” for the weekends and there’s one place on our “to-do list” [...]

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Welcome Spring

Spring ahead … Fall back … Whatever the reason It’s time to enjoy This brand new season … A time for hope A chance to start anew Spring is the green light Waking the krokuses Waking the blossoms To come on through … Whatever the reason It’s time to enjoy This brand new season. Peace, [...]

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Hope is Not an Illusion

When I first heard “television was nothing more than an optical illusion” I immediately dismissed the notion dismissed the notion and no longer listened to anything my biology teacher had to say; which included his normal course of instruction.  So here I am now, working on some quick math, and actually realizing thirty-five years later [...]

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Accept, Adapt, and Ask

There’s roughly ten minutes remaining in regulation time during this afternoon’s matinee hockey game between my beloved Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals.  The Bruins were/are the NHL Stanley Cup Champions after surviving three game seven matchups before setting the town of Vancouver on fire when the Stanley Cup itself was presented to the Bruins [...]

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The Little Things

As many of you know, our oldest daughter is studying abroad at the University of Leeds, approximately two hours north of London.  She lives with three other “flatmates” and her weekends are always jam packed with activities.  This past weekend she explored the waterfront capital city of Wales (Cardiff [The Fort of Didius]) and after [...]

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An Extended Stay

Out here along Highway 101 between Sebastopol and Petaluma sits an “Extended Stay” motel.  I refer to this particular Extended Stay as “the palace”.  It’s in a fairly rough part of Santa Rosa between Hearn and Corby Streets; I know this because I lived in Room 214 of this establishment for four months while I [...]

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