Finding Resolve

So it’s now Tuesday morning, two days after the Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis, and two days after the Cheney house was once again full of friends watching the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  Since the final score of this matchup was not exactly what we were looking for the bottle of [...]

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Divine Intervention

It’s early morning here. The Lu-dog has had her morning meal and is already fast asleep dreaming of the English countryside she once knew. The girls continue their slumber and our oldest who chimed in a few moments ago from across the pond also received a welcome night’s sleep after actually touring the English countryside. [...]

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Recognizing a Right (Resolution)

So we’re officially a week into the New Year and since we watched the ball drop from the floors of The Buckhorn last week nothing earth shattering has happened. Things are still positive with the Men’s Cancer Support Group. Cindi, the nurse navigator who’s asked me to get this started is one busy lady and [...]

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This blog is about energy. Not the green kind, not the kind that costs us nearly $4.00 per/gallon, and not the kind created by the enormous wind turbines along the Pacific coast. This one is about my “weekend energy” which now belongs on the side of a milk carton under “MISSING, HAVE YOU SEEN? How [...]

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Tiramisu and Tequila: A Great Birthday

The day started off like most with a few minor wrinkles. I think the term wrinkle is appropriate for this blog as it involves the passing of another year and a new crooked number is posted on life’s scoreboard. The first few texts I received yesterday morning were from very dear friends reminding me of [...]

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11-11-11; A Veteran’s Take on the Occupation

It makes sense the girls have gone to bed and I find myself here on the computer, listening to music, listening to the words and recollecting the great memories from the songs themselves. Today was Veteran’s Day, and it rained on the parade – truly. No worries. This is a time in our lives where [...]

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A Halloween Anniversary

Our friends in the northeast get walloped with the first “dusting” of the winter! The photos we’ve received do not resemble the peace and beauty here along the Pacific. In one quick blast, the plans for many were seriously disrupted. Downed trees and electrical lines and all the varied elements which come from living within [...]

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Tequila and Texting

Autumn. Truly the best time of the year here along the Pacific. Temperatures are nearly perfect during the day while the comforter is needed when bedtime comes. Windows open and full house of women (including the bulldog) and the football game is on with a World Series game on for later in the afternoon. Another [...]

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Calistoga for Breakfast

Weekend mornings here along the river have been slow starters for the past ten months or so. Most mornings the girls would sleep in and the trick to keeping them upstairs is to stay away from brewing the morning’s first pot of coffee. Bonnie has a tremendous nose for coffee and even opening the decanter [...]

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Therapy on The River

When Fridays finally arrive and the windows are down while the ocean airs fill the senses there’s one thing left to do during this ten mile commute and that’s connect with “The Wild and the Innocent”; a program on the Bruce Springsteen XM channel. Each Friday afternoon I’m lucky enough to capture portions of the [...]

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