So we’re officially a week into the New Year and since we watched the ball drop from the floors of The Buckhorn last week nothing earth shattering has happened. Things are still positive with the Men’s Cancer Support Group. Cindi, the nurse navigator who’s asked me to get this started is one busy lady and when she calls I’ll be ready to jump into the unknown – feet first as it were. As you may have read from the previous blog, jumping feet first into things has never really been an issue or a fear, the consequences at times have sucked a little, but when you play with fire, you learn to be a fireman. Our youngest daughter takes her permit driving test this morning which is why I’m here in the homestead, enjoying a little downtime with the Lu-Dog, Logan, a quiet cup of coffee at oh-dark thirty this morning. Though I know there’s a trip planned to the DMV this morning and hopefully a celebratory breakfast anywhere Logan would like to go afterwards, I find it a little strange to be entering the facilities of the DMV with a clean bill of health on my license. Back in the day – not yesterday, but not too long ago either, there was a time at the DMV in Hyannis, MA where the young lady who received the paperwork I had just completed asked … “Mr. Cheney, do you mind if I call you Paul? You’re going to be here awhile …” Nice to have things cleaned up and at least recognized. Like this week – we had ordered a couch for the living room as a Christmas gift to each other and it arrived ON TIME, WITHOUT HASSLE, WITHOUT MULTIPLE PHONE CALLS, etc., etc., and it looks like the one in the showroom right here in our home. Nice, right? I think if there was one thing I need to change, fix, resolve, or to wrestle with … it’s to outwardly recognize the things that GO RIGHT this year, rather than the other way around. I do believe recognizing the right will really be an inspiration, don’t you think? When you start the New Year off at The Buckhorn, they say it’s all downhill from there. You can’t possibly top the location, the people, the environment … and we were walking! So in a matter of nearly 400 words I do believe I’ve found a resolution for this year … Recognizing the Right … nice. Time to put this pearly white smile to work. Not my best blog of the year … wait a minute – it’s the first and only blog of this year. See what I just did? Have fun everyone. Seriously – have fun.



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