Friday afternoon found us in possession of some premium parking as the sun had already removed the shadows on the streets of Petaluma of all the pedestrians who had either left the Petaluma High School football game early or were looking for something else to occupy their time. ¶ The Trojans lost their 3rdgame in a row in a fashion none too pleasing to those of us living here along the river. ¶ Bonnie and I had much more luck in finding a parking spot along Water Street than either side of the scrimmage line for the PHS Trojans. ¶ We were hopeful for a couple of seats at the bar in the highly sought after Central Market, and being without reservations, our luck continued with a table close enough to the bar without worrying about elbow room with the great waiter we remembered from our last visit at this centrally located landmark.  We enjoyed entrees of trout and short ribs respectively and were lucky enough to speak with the owner regarding the next time his incredible entrée of seafood boudin would next highlight the ever changing menu.  The owner stated he’d be more than happy to make this for us for our next visit with a  few days’ notice.  This fortuitous exchange, along with premium local parking, was truly a wonderful way to end the workweek.  With a 24-year anniversary quickly approaching, I think it’s fair to say we know where we’ll be dining and what our entrees will consist of. ¶ Such is life here in Petaluma, and while the still heralded Little League team continues to collect their adulation; pizza with Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants this weekend, this town is all one needs to make sense of it all.  Perfect weather, perfect people, and the Pacific Ocean only minutes away, make living here a collection of choices once considered extremely risky; now proven certain. ¶ Speaking of risk, it’s Week One of the National Football League season and with our picks in place we each sit back listening to Aerosmith’s “Dream On” play in our head as the games unfold on our respective flat screens.  This year the games kick off with replacement officials, and while I made breakfast earlier this morning there were those shouts of “TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS” made loud enough to be heard upstairs (and even possibly across the street) the thought occurred to me as I watched the NFL Red Zone channel; why not institute a policy with replacement announcers and color game individuals? ¶ If the game can continue with the blessings of the Commissioner with replacement officials, why in the world should we all have to listen to the same talking heads of Dierdorf, Simms, Billick and last and certainly least Dick (insert expletive here) Stockton? ¶ The PATRIOTS won their season opener; laundry and chores out of the way for the day, the evening meal already planned and Logan’s goldfish Sheldon has been placed near the television for a great seat for today’s games, so my only complaint today is with the same old announcers for a season of football we’ve all patiently waited on. ¶ No biggy – all is well here.  Bonnie received a great breakfast from this blogger who has always dreamt of opening a diner fit for the morning populace and our oldest out on the east coast kicked off her first showing of “Trashterpieces” last night, which we learned earlier today went to nearly 3:AM … only wish I could have been there with her, though I do look forward to the day she walks across that stage with the first of many degrees to come.



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