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Truckin’ Down Under

Having a certain appetite for bucking the system, defying authority, or simply throwing caution to the wind has provided me ample opportunities to quote a line from the Grateful Dead song “Truckin’” a great many times, and even though my music tastes have not changed one iota since listening to the first album I ever [...]

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Yes, We Still Hold Hands

Good morning.  The ride in this morning included forgetfulness of the first speed bump (only fifteen yards from the front door) which rocked the nonsense out of my first cup of coffee and splashed it up onto the seat.  There’s absolutely no reason my pants should be wet this morning from coffee but fortunately I [...]

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Dream On

Friday afternoon found us in possession of some premium parking as the sun had already removed the shadows on the streets of Petaluma of all the pedestrians who had either left the Petaluma High School football game early or were looking for something else to occupy their time. ¶ The Trojans lost their 3rdgame in [...]

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The 7,000 Club

Originally posted on Papa’s blog: “Cancer … We “CAN” Beat This": About a month ago I placed an excited phone call to the first of Bonnie’s Beautiful Booster’s (Mary) to let her know she was the 6,000th visitor to this blog.  Mary was also the first of Bonnie’s friends to make the trek across country [...]

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Off the Grid

It’s early Friday morning and I find myself in an odd situation as my location is one in which I am not at all used to.  With three years under my belt living here along the Pacific rim there’s been a steady diet of 40 hour workweeks and very little time to sit back and [...]

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We’re in Good Shape

From time to time I’ve littered this blog with baseball metaphors, and as the Major League Baseball season begins its second half of the season I thought perhaps this would be a good time to provide predictions for the second half, though without a crystal ball I will just count on hope and optimism as [...]

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Our Morale Compass

It’s Friday morning here in California.  A marine layer of fog has covered the morning sunshine.  The windows are open and the breeze coming into the office is most welcome.  The Rolling Stones are on the IPOD with an explanation on “scraping that shit right off your shoes …” There’s no telling what Mick was [...]

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Cellular Memory

I normally arrive at our monthly meetings for the Finding Inner Strength Together (FIST) group about 40 minutes or so before things begin.  This time is normally spent with Cindi to discuss the topic of the day.  This is the time when Cindi gives me a brief of sorts of any new members to the [...]

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The Side Effects of Breast Cancer

You have already become aware of this blog’s theme, and that is to keep things positive, uplifting and rewarding.  This morning when I awoke there was a piping hot cup of coffee on the bedside table.  As I rolled over I heard the television already on with Bonnie’s favorite weekend program which is anything related [...]

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It’s Got to be The Buckhorn!

So with five  months worth of calendar pages tossed to the side like the scraps from last night’s dinner I thought a checkup on our New Year’s resolutions would be in order.  Unless you offered your resolve to me I would have no way of knowing how well you did in keeping that promise to yourself.  [...]

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