Good morning.  The ride in this morning included forgetfulness of the first speed bump (only fifteen yards from the front door) which rocked the nonsense out of my first cup of coffee and splashed it up onto the seat.  There’s absolutely no reason my pants should be wet this morning from coffee but fortunately I had not yet put my socks on so I had something to help minimize any further damage. ¶ If I don’t have your attention by now then the rest of this post should do the trick.  ¶ Today is Thursday, October 10th and as recently as this past Monday while Bonnie and I walked the streets of this great little town of ours during the oft-forgotten Columbus Day, we both received some pretty darn good news from her doctor; Dr. Amy Shaw who confirmed there were no cancer cells in the two cysts removed during Bonnie’s recent Oophorectomy.  I love being home when good news is delivered like that. ¶ Bonnie and I must have held hands and smiled about this news a dozen times during the day. ¶ From attending recent events like To Celebrate Life’s Stepping Out and Sutter’s Catwalk for a Cure there have been moments recently where I’ve started to truly believe we (Bonnie and I) are on the mends with regards to any future battles with cancer. ¶ After starting this blog in January, 2011 with the title “Cancer … We “CAN” Beat This!” I am starting to fantasize about the victory right here in our own home over this disease.  Has it really happened?  Have we really “beaten” cancer?  Of course, only time itself will be the determining factor in all of this, and with this time I will do what I can to provide you with information on not only Bonnie’s progress, but also whatever I can in terms of dispensing new information on the development on how to help those of you in the thirty-two nations reading the words that come from this keyboard in front of me. ¶ Last night while the three of us watched the new fall lineup I was kicking around an idea in my head of providing an anagram of sorts focusing on the word “mammogram”.  After some research this morning I ran across an article on which introduces something called a “smart bra”;  a breast tissue screening bra which is in the works as a non-invasive, painless, and quite possibly an even more accurate test than our current 3D mammography.  I’ll leave it to you to decide. ¶ It’s been eleven days since we left Charlie Brown and Santa Rosa Memorial to begin our special lady’s recovery and from the consumption of these four-hundred or so words, you’ll be happy to know she’s at home recovering well and WITHOUT the angst of considering what other doors we may have had to open regarding those two ovarian cysts. ¶ It’s not yet even 8:AM and I could already use a beer to toast all of you who continue to support these words which focus on one thing: Breast Cancer (and all that results from it).



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