No Longer on a Vicadin Vacation

Many blogs ago we discussed the power of Bonnie’s “inner strength” and how important this attribute would be in the defeat of her breast cancer. Her reconstruction surgery; a 3.5 hour ordeal was wrapped up on the 26th of September and in less than two weeks time Bonnie has resigned herself to no drugs, no [...]

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Homemade Sauce With Friends

I met this guy named Dan some thirty-two years ago here in Petaluma. I remembered him for his great moustache, laissez-faire attitude and his extraordinary bartending skills. Our paths crossed again two years ago when I returned to the west coast which gave me the opportunity to meet his wife of some forty years; two [...]

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Haaapy Anniversary

It’s Sunday morning here. Autumn has arrived and Mother Nature herself has watered our modest little garden where the roma tomatoes, funky sweet cucumbers, heavily scented oregano and basil, and California bell peppers continue to supplement our salads during the week. The normal routine of a Sunday morning continues as the girls stay upstairs watching [...]

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August, September, SOXtober

It’s a Saturday morning here in Northern California. Autumn is in the air and the locals are enjoying the bounty provided by Mother Nature as of late. Merchant doors are swinging in both directions, people are smiling and the days of relaxing on Dillon Beach are beginning to fade into the memory banks, unless of [...]

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I Wish for … A Summer Vacation

The forty hours a week is for work – the customer – the professional mindset and the satisfaction you create by doing a job well done during each of those eight hours a day. The weekend however is for you, your family, your projects and your soul.  The weekend, as we all realize is much too [...]

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Parenting and Priorities

PARENTING. If you’ve been an active reader of this blog you’d know by now I live with three women and a female bulldog. Trapped? Hardly. We’ve taught the Lu-dog to watch and enjoy the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoons, she’s become accustomed to the ranting and raving when the Bruins score (though that’s been [...]

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OPTIMISM. I don’t know how young I was when I first started using the word, not in a verbal way but as part of my everyday life. A product of a broken home, not that my parents didn’t try to get along, it was just one of those things where bouts with alcohol rehabilitation was [...]

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Back in Rhythm

So it’s lunchtime here in the Two Rock valley. I’ve decided to stay away from the campus cafeteria for beltline reasons – the food up there is just too darn good and too plentiful. So my morning routine has changed slightly – still making coffee for Bonnie and the girls in the morning; feeding the [...]

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Besides New York

Perhaps it’s just me. I’m sure that’s the case, hell, it’s always been the case, but I have a medium here and I’m darn sure going to use it as my Friday afternoon sun begins to diminish and the beer intake continues to increase. I am a Bostonian through and through – my blogs normally [...]

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A Blessed Individual

So where do I begin? I’ve been off the blogging effort for a few days now and you know there’s got to be a reason. Actually there have been a number of reasons why I’ve been mute these past few days. The first excuse I’ll provide is my overall tiredness, both physically and spiritually. The [...]

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