When Fridays finally arrive and the windows are down while the ocean airs fill the senses there’s one thing left to do during this ten mile commute and that’s connect with “The Wild and the Innocent”; a program on the Bruce Springsteen XM channel. Each Friday afternoon I’m lucky enough to capture portions of the remaining hour to this program and today the songs were all dedicated to The River album. Particular Bruce songs take me back to the days and mostly nights when we’d ride the streets of our hometown with the windows open, the music blaring and looking for something to do and when the caller’s request for the title track to this album went on it was as if I was right there again with O’Keer, Michael (no nickname), The Nightstick, Peez, Biggy, Jackie and Red.

The harmonica at the beginning of the song starts you off in a very dark place and of course the song itself is no joyride either but as I’m listening to the trials of the young couple in the song I’m also transplanted 3,000 miles back to that coastal town along the North Atlantic where it all began and it’s extremely enjoyable.

Fortunately the circuits are still alive and well with a couple of these guys and though it’s nearly 8:PM their time I’ll be caught up on beers in a matter of thirty minutes should they happen to call and check in.

Times are tough right now, we’ve got major metropolitan cities picketing across the country against Wall St so hearing The River this afternoon put things in perspective as this country was in a recession then as well and we managed to survive.

The young couple who were married without their walk down the aisle is more than likely happening somewhere in this country as we go on about our business now, Sure Happy It’s Thursday happens … it just does.

Writing to you all is my therapy, Bruce is my therapy, friendship is my therapy and driving along Bodega Drive knowing a left turn instead of a right turn takes me to the shores of the Pacific is also my therapy.

If I’m happy – guess who else is happy? That’s right. Bonnie and I have a little bar date this afternoon after she drops our youngest back off to school where her journalistic talents are required. Here’s hoping for a wonderful weekend.






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