It’s early morning here. The Lu-dog has had her morning meal and is already fast asleep dreaming of the English countryside she once knew. The girls continue their slumber and our oldest who chimed in a few moments ago from across the pond also received a welcome night’s sleep after actually touring the English countryside. Yesterday’s adventures included Liverpool. Bonnie and I are quite thankful our oldest is enjoying the freedoms of her well-deserved break from the confines of Columbia, SC and now experiencing the riches of London, though quietly both of us cannot wait for the day we hold her in our arms here at home.

Today I’d like to discuss an event that took place this past Friday which, in my mind, can only be explained as divine intervention.

Thirty days ago I shared with you my new year’s resolution to “recognize the right” in all things we do in our daily lives. Due to recent events, I believe this recognition has taken flight for not only me, but in my bride’s world as well.

Several times during our past twelve months with Breast Cancer we have taken the drive from our residence here in the North Bay to our plastic surgeon in Greenbrae. Bonnie and I can make this drive in our sleep and reaching the Sir Francis Drake Blvd exit on HWY 101 is a peaceful and scenic one, though normally our business with the plastic surgeon has occupied our thoughts during these early morning drives for Bonnie’s multiple surgeries at Marin General. When I am behind the wheel, the thoughts in my head are focused squarely on getting there on time while wondering what Bonnie must be thinking about her impending operation. Little did I know my wife had identified a number of shops and boutiques along the route which she mentally recorded for later. Men cannot multitask this well.

This past Friday was a routine checkup with her Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Cynthia Goodman. Bonnie has never been one to miss on an opportunity and this day was no different. Without getting too long winded on how she wound up at Calico Corners, or even how she knew the store existed (she has a keen eye for these types of things), let’s just agree that things happen for a reason.

Bonnie loves fabric stores and all the possibilities fabric represents. After placing a match of fabrics with the swatch she carried with her, it was time to check out, and it was here, at the checkout, that this divine intervention took place. Bonnie had mentioned to the sales clerk this was her first time in the store, and that she had “seen” the store a number of different times, and no she didn’t live in the area, etc., etc. The sales clerk had asked Bonnie her reason for being in Greenbrae and Bonnie informed the clerk she is a breast cancer survivor (I love that word) wher she used the services of Marin General. Well, as divine intervention would have it, the sales clerk is celebrating her twenty second year as a breast cancer survivor and is wearing the diamond necklace to prove it. Jane, our sales clerk, is also on the Board of Directors of a Breast Cancer Foundation program known as “To Celebrate Life”.

The entrance door was marked “welcome to our fabrics”, though the same door when exiting read “welcome to our family”.

I met Jane yesterday and she shared two copies of the “2010 To Celebrate Life Annual Report”, from which I will share the message from the Board President & Executive Director:

“Last September, we marked the start of our 15th Anniversary year! What began as a garden party fashion show has blossomed into a vibrant, enduring community whose members have enriched the lives of thousands of women and men coping with breast health issues. At the end of 2010, the Foundation had contributed more than $3.1 million dollars to dozens of nonprofit organizations throughout the Bay Area. The theme of this year’s annual report is “The Gift of Giving.” We are profoundly grateful to each of you who have contributed to the Foundation’s continuing advancement – through your gifts of time, talent and resources to support breast health and recovery.”

I started this post an hour ago and already time is slipping away from the agenda today. One particularly huge item on today’s agenda is meeting with Cindi Cantril (a mutual friend of Jane’s) at Sutter Pacific in Santa Rosa this morning for our first meeting as discuss the Men’s Cancer Support Group, which by the kicks off this Thursday.

Bonnie went out for fabric … she came home with a completely different gift.

I’ll continue to recognize the right in everything, it’s certainly been working.





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