While I look around from my vantage point this evening I notice not much has changed since walking downstairs after a restful night’s sleep. The sun appears to be about where it was some twelve hours ago and although the television is on in the background and the “ladies of luxury” have since descended as well, I really have to admit that not much has changed here in our home all day long. I realized this not too long ago as I negated the question of a shower, and while I wait to see Mr. Springsteen tonight on the Grammy Awards, I do so with a plateful of hot Italian sausage, a number of cold beers and a keyboard, oh and the very same pajamas I wore this morning as I began the day.

What kind of life does one lead when he completes twelve hours of a day in the same garments he wore to bed the night before? One possible answer is “a darn good day”, a “truly successful day”, a “slob”, an “uninspired sole”, “The Big Lebowski”, and for those of you that know me, you’d recognize I’ve seized an opportunity that does not often present itself around here all that often.

To be truthful I actually worked out in the garage today – and yes – even though it’s a “man space” it still constitutes work. Rearranging takes imagination, determination and some willingness to complete the task in the first place. My partner in crime; the Lu-dog, was right there by my side the entire time and with the new flooring installed in the majority of the garage she was extremely pleased while dancing light on her feet this afternoon and later enjoying the cool layer to her belly when collapsing directly in front of where I needed her the least.

Having our English bulldog here as a member of our family has been heaven sent and oddly enough she seems to know it, and while she spent her entire day in her birthday outfit I was not that far away. Although there was a chill in the air later this afternoon, I have to say a day spent in your pajamas is one of those days that is not often discussed and should – as I’ve done here – CELEBRATED.

To quote my friend Bobby from Pleasanton … “woot woot!” And by the way … for those of you that selected “slob” … you really aren’t that far from the truth, but my wife loves me all the same … so how lucky am I? The dude abides.