Originally posted on Papa’s blog: “Cancer … We “CAN” Beat This”:

About a month ago I placed an excited phone call to the first of Bonnie’s Beautiful Booster’s (Mary) to let her know she was the 6,000th visitor to this blog.  Mary was also the first of Bonnie’s friends to make the trek across country to visit during those dark days of recovery, so I found it only appropriate to call her with the news.  The other night I sent her a message to let her know this blog was approaching the 7K count! ¶ In an attempt to correlate how many of you, from 49 states, including the District of Columbia, and 24 countries have read my words of therapy over the past eighteen months I decided to use Boston’s Fenway Park as a parallel for our next milestone.  Fenway’s seating capacity is currently rated at 37,067 so that’s the next goal to reach and if I could figure out a better way to make this site more searchable, or easily searchable through the binary process of a programming tool known as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO); I would, however, I find my time being spent enjoying the peace and quiet we’ve found here along the river with our breast cancer survivor content enough without worrying about becoming a statistics whore. ¶ Keeping Fenway Park in mind, you all know through your regular readings of our love for all things related to Red Sox Nation, so I took a few minutes this morning to research a few details and I was pleasantly surprised to find they broke ground on September 25th, 1911 on this place we New Englanders call “our living room.”  The reason for my merriment on this particular date is I married our special lady along the Charles River in Cambridge, MA on September 25th, 1988 … and believe me when I tell you, during the planning stages of our wedding I proposed the idea to be married at this grand ballpark which of course fell on deaf ears, but the attempt was at least made. ¶ I’d like to welcome our new friends from the country of India and the residents of our 39th state; North Dakota for climbing aboard this fairy tale and joining the 7,000 Club (now I have a title for this post). ¶ I receive all kinds of compliments regarding my writing either through the comments posted from the unknown or from the folks we meet in town or while facilitating the Men’s Support Group known as “Finding Inner Strength Together (FIST)” and it’s always a pleasure to hear these kudos. ¶ So with a new goal set for breaking the seating capacity at Fenway I’ll leave you with this … we’re currently waiting on the results from Bonnie’s recent BRCA mutation test and we’ll be on the couch for this evening’s game versus the Detroit Tigers while the tri-tip slow roasts on the grill outdoors. ¶ As the calendar flips into August the two of us now have to wrestle with saying goodbye to our oldest daughter Taylor who will soon be heading to the University of South Carolina for her senior year.  I’ve enjoyed the beers we’ve shared with each other this summer. ¶ Thank you all for being members of the “7000 Club” – you’ve been exactly what the doctor ordered; “Bonnie’s Beautiful Boosters”.  My thanks to each and every one of you!



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