It’s early Friday morning and I find myself in an odd situation as my location is one in which I am not at all used to.  With three years under my belt living here along the Pacific rim there’s been a steady diet of 40 hour workweeks and very little time to sit back and enjoy the show.  I decided to take a few days off earlier this week and I now find myself in the back yard, with our English bulldog and the garden where Zen itself is alive and well. ¶ I’ve already been served one of the finest breakfasts ever, courtesy of our youngest daughter Logan who looks more at home in the kitchen than either of her parents! ¶ Last week at this time I was enjoying lunch with my bride and daughter before Bonnie’s three-day Cancer retreat began and today I officially start my own (and first) six-day “stay-cation.” ¶ All week long I’ve struggled with writing a piece about Bonnie’s retreat and found it too difficult to write in the third-person about an event I did not literally attend, so instead I’ve decided to start a six part series of my own to include the leisure, the life and the pure enjoyment of spending time off the grid with those that mean everything.  Today’s to-do list includes:

  • Tending to the flower garden
  • A trip to Petaluma Recycling
  • Formulating a plan to revamp the garage
  • Red Sox vs. Blue Jays game
  • Friday night soiree

Earlier, while watering the garden I replayed the images of Don Corleone in his tomato garden with his grandson.  Of course that particular scene in the movie does not end well for The Godfather though it was the first time in the movie where he seemed to be at peace with himself.  The parallel between the Don is the reality of where we are right now with Bonnie’s breast cancer as it tries its best to become a permanent piece of the things we left in the rear view mirror.  ¶ My monthly visit to the recycling center is something I thoroughly enjoy.  The place is dirty and you find yourself really working hard to understand the employees who have either opted out of a dental plan or one is just not available, but I do enjoy returning the sixty-plus pounds of glass and plastic water bottles in an effort to show the girls it’s the right thing to do.  ¶ The garage is one of those projects that will always be there, but with an accessible attic directly above the garage there’s certainly an opportunity to allow the creative juices to get to work so we have one more place in this home of ours where everything has a purpose.  Am very sure this can be nearly completed in the next six days.  ¶ The BOSOX game is an everyday event here which will couple nicely with our Friday Night soiree.  Logan and I will work on the menu during the day and surprise Bonnie later this evening. ¶ It’s nice out here in the garden where emails and office politics are no match for today’s sunshine and relaxation already in place. ¶ Until tomorrow.



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