Our friends in the northeast get walloped with the first “dusting” of the winter! The photos we’ve received do not resemble the peace and beauty here along the Pacific. In one quick blast, the plans for many were seriously disrupted. Downed trees and electrical lines and all the varied elements which come from living within the six states of New England hiding the Halloween decorations under a blanket of nonsense many there would already rather forget.

Bonnie and I took a walk to the store this morning for milk where we enjoyed the 70+ degree weather while we commented on the ominous house decorations many have set out for the upcoming trick or treat celebration here in Petaluma. We learned early on this region takes this holiday very serious. The landlord of our first apartment actually stores the carcass of a dead horse which they break out every year, complete with a rider, a cackling witch, etc., etc.

Our youngest daughter loves Halloween so I guess it only makes sense this would be the day her parents met each other. Yes, a Halloween dance at our high school in 1977; the night I continue to claim where Bonnie put her phone number in my pocket! The rest of course is history.

Logan busies herself with a pumpkin carving, Lulu realized the activity in the kitchen was NOT for food preparation whereas she’s retreated to right here alongside me. Of course the Lu-dog has already been served the morning breakfast of homemade waffles so her Sunday is clearly a lot better than our friends in New Britain, CT where they’re out front with a chain saw cutting apart the tree which has fallen in their driveway.

Wine country, beaches, great weather, a perfect commute, shovels used for gardening (only), and neighbors out walking their dogs quietly staying out of your business are several reasons we wake up with a smile each morning.

On the gardening front, the carrots and winter lettuce are starting to show growth, figure sometime past Thanksgiving we’ll see real rewards. One indoor project I’m working on is making my own coffee liqueur. Have scouted the many grocery stores for vanilla beans and refuse to pay the retail prices, so this morning I found a Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla bean on-line for a price that’s certainly more reasonable. Once I get started, this two-month process will put ensure our Christmas holiday coffees will have that little punch Santa would certainly be proud of. Again – all our New England friends are more than welcome to enjoy.

Bonnie and I wish you all a spook-tacular Halloween. We were dressed as high school students when we first met, and oddly enough this morning while I write this, we dressed pretty much the same; a 2004 Red Sox hoodie (me), and a Black Dog hoodie (my bride). BOO!





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