So with five  months worth of calendar pages tossed to the side like the scraps from last night’s dinner I thought a checkup on our New Year’s resolutions would be in order.  Unless you offered your resolve to me I would have no way of knowing how well you did in keeping that promise to yourself.  The notion of the New Year’s resolution is to look forward to the oncoming year with some hope and provides us all with a chance to reflect on the changes we want, or perhaps need.  Bonnie and I, with another couple watched the ball drop on 2011 a local dive known as The Buckhorn.  Every town in America has a “Buckhorn” and we were very well entertained the entire time we were there – believe me.  Still have some images on my phone to prove it.  My resolution for 2012 was to “Recognize a (the) Right” in everything.  I’ve reviewed that post and have grabbed the closing sentence to insert here … “Recognizing the Right … nice.  Time to put this pearly white smile to work.  Not my best blog of the year … wait a minute – it’s the first and only blog of this year.  See what I just did?  Have fun everyone.  Seriously.  Have fun.”  I’ll let you all in on a little secret.  For the past five and half months since the draining of that last beer at The Buckhorn, the resolution is still holding its’ own, and very well I might add. 

Since that blog we have watched our oldest daughter experience Europe and return home safely where she lifeguards full-time and has even landed an internship with the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for the summer.  Our youngest, who has just graduated her junior year of high school was rewarded at the final bell by learning she will be the co-editor of Petaluma High School’s newspaper; The Trojan Tribune.  Her responsibilities will include staffing, grading and deadlines.  She has also landed herself a sweet little part-time gig at Cordoza’s Deli on the downtown boulevard – not too far away from The Buckhorn.  Am I overdoing it with reminders of The Buckhorn?  Perhaps there’s a stool in there calling my name … perhaps.  Bonnie has attended her first tea & luncheon with the group from To Celebrate Life in the annual fundraiser dinner-dance where Bonnie and a number of other breast cancer survivors will be modeling during this high fashion affair and me … well, I’ve been busy with facilitating the Finding Inner Strength Together (FIST) cancer support group for husbands of those with cancer, been helping my buddy up in Clear Lake with his patio renovation and learned this afternoon that I have been nominated for something called the “One Lovely Blog Award” which I’ll find out more about tomorrow.  We’re officially 151 days into The Year of the Dragon and it’s been pretty remarkable thus far. 

Got to be The Buckhorn!



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