You have already become aware of this blog’s theme, and that is to keep things positive, uplifting and rewarding.  This morning when I awoke there was a piping hot cup of coffee on the bedside table.  As I rolled over I heard the television already on with Bonnie’s favorite weekend program which is anything related to the HGTV channel.  I remember not that long ago when weekends in this house were all about her comfort, grocery shopping for the week ahead and menu planning.  It dawned on me earlier this morning as I was out in the backyard watering the hanging baskets and jasmine which has already started their ascent along the stone wall how things here in the house have changed and I suppose it’s one of the wonderful side effects of breast cancer.

Upon learning of the diagnosis I suppose we had a number of options regarding how we planned to attack this problem and one of the things, one of the very positive things we did was to first ACCEPT the diagnosis rather than flipping the switch and dismissing the doctor’s opinion for what they considered a tumor.

We accepted the diagnosis, told our youngest daughter the news we had learned only hours before and we moved on together as a family.  Moving together in one direction as a family is a powerful force and after Bonnie acknowledged the fact she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Stage 2) we simply did what we were told, we conducted the research and went about our business with breast cancer right there alongside us.

Except for the weekends; which we reserved for “cancer-free speak” there was never a moment in the first twelve months that we did not discuss the term “breast cancer” in one form or another.  In keeping with the “recognizing the right” resolution I hereby offer the following side effects of breast cancer, mind you none of these will include high blood pressure; an erection lasting more than four hours; kidney damage; loose stools; etc.  We have all heard the disclaimers from the pharmaceutical companies when running their ads on television and its’ far too early in the morning for me to find my humorous side.  So without further ado I offer one man’s non-inclusive thoughts on the subject:

  • There is no “ME” in breast cancer
  • Keeps the family together
  • Networking really helps
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Trusting your partners opinion
  • Question everything
  • Realizing a white lab coat is not always correct
  • The patient is not the only one affected
  • Learning how to cook healthier
  • Living in Wine country really helps
  • An English bulldog makes a wonderful companion

Feel free to add to this list … I suspect it will continue to grow.  Remaining positive through the entire event has been the side effect which has had the most effect.





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